We've been snowed in for days during our Christmas break which is rare on the plains of Oklahoma so I've had lots of time to putter, organize and get my stuff together.  The entire, second story of our old house has become my art studio and I am really guilty of dragging bags of supplies back and forth between my home and art classroom.  As a result, I have piles of random stuff everywhere - where ever it lands as I rush around to gather more.  It was way past time to unpack and reorganize.

Like others, I have lots of plans for the coming new year.  I have been playing with a children's book about my love of drawing - mostly as a gift to my grandkids.  This project needed it's own home and work space.  I learned a long time ago that we creative types are more inclined to create if we have a dedicated space.  It also helps, if you periodically clean up your toys so you can continue to play.

I hate organizing and finding homes for my stuff but the past few days of drudgery have reacquainted me with some long lost projects, supplies and got my juices flowing.

Happy New Year, my creative friends.  Let's make something!!!


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