12" x 18" Mixed Media Drawing Distressed Parchment

This is the final of six large, parchment pieces for the solo show.  I had a lot of fun creating images of art supplies I enjoy using.  I especially liked creating the watercolor paints.

I am going to hang my work this afternoon after school.  I have made new price tags, framed and framed and then framed some more and built my own guest book.  I have 26 pieces ready to go but I hope to finish four more for a final count of 30 pieces.

I have already started planning for this year's ink, bookplate and I've got some other new goals for myself in the coming year.  It's fun to look ahead.


Anonymous said…
i love your work and optimism :) thanks for sharing your work keep creating and inspiring!
Unknown said…
Great Art, thank you for sharing

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