12" x 18" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed Parchment

This is officially my 51st dictionary drawing since I started this series last Spring. I've decided to venture into creating some dictionary drawings on a larger scale even though that meant I'd have to abandon drawing directly on the pages of old, repurposed books. (Don't fret. There are still lots of actual book pages on my easel.)

I have experimented with different papers and thanks to the wonderful assistance of Allison Clemons, a fellow artist who works at a local print shop, I discovered some really old parchment papers that could withstand being digitally printed with a selected, dictionary page. I then was able to distress and ink the page and draw right on top of it. Even though it is now a reproduction of a vintage dictionary, it looks and feels very similar. The benefit is that I can now create larger versions of my drawings with far more detail and a lot more images.

I've got a number of these pieces in the works for my upcoming show. The bigger the piece - thegreater the framing costs so I'm investing a littler more money in preparing these larger drawings. It's always a gamble to see what the public thinks of an artistic change. My dictionary drawings have been far more popular than I'd ever imagined. In fact, I've had a request as far away as England from an interested buyer just this week.

The Shoes are once again, flying high. Thank you to everyone who is enjoying this series and supporting me in my upcoming, solo show.


Hi There,

I just want to say that I really admire your work, it is so beautiful, original and well done! This artwork would fit perfect into my kitchen!

Best Regards,

Copenhagen, Denmark.

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