12" x 18" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed Parchment

Time is flying and running short for creating many more new pieces for my upcoming show.  I have had a lot of these pieces in mind for some time but these larger works require quite a bit of time to render.  I think I will have six large pieces framed and ready to hang just in time.

This piece includes a lot of my childhood favorite pastimes.  I loved Jacks, marbles, Play-Doh and I spent hours looking through a viewfinder at 3-D images.  I still have lots of those items including the two, metal tops.  In fact, most of these items are in my old, wooden toy box stored in my utility room.

I hope this piece resonates with some of my friends and patrons.  It makes me a little anxious to learn that a lot of my community is responding that they plan to attend Saturday night's reception and show opening.  I've participated in big events before and I've directed huge plays for years but this event is different.  Me and my work is the main attraction - "gulp."  I hope the critiques are kind and that everyone has a great time together.


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