12" x 18" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed Parchment

The studio has really been busy the past two days.  I had to create a second, large version of one of my original, dictionary drawings for the upcoming show.  These was and continues to be one of my all time favorite pieces.  Recreating it in a larger format was much more challenging.  In a larger drawing it is necessary to add finer details and more color choices to keep it interesting.

I love the metaphor of a nest.  I think it expresses hope, birth, new life and home.  Right now (well I guess always) those are important values to me.  I've included three eggs as in the past drawing.  I have three beautiful daughters and three, precious grandchildren and have been married for over three decades.  Our little nest is about to get two more grandchildren so I may have to expand for future drawings.

I have two more, large drawings to complete.  The frames I need have just arrived and I picked up the glass and mat board so I am about at the stage where these drawings find their nest and are hung in the gallery.  It's a very exciting time for The Shoes.


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