12" x 18" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed Parchment

I have decided to finish six, large drawings on distressed parchment for my show.  The solo show is less than two weeks away and it's decision time on what I'm going to finish and frame.  My goal is to have 30 pieces in this series of dictionary drawings hanging in the gallery along with some prints of the most popular drawings.

I am thrilled that this piece has already sold in advance of the show.  The buyer saw a digital image of the piece last week on my daughter's phone and purchased it on the spot.  He wasn't concerned about the price and agreed to let it hang in the show for the opening night reception.  My husband is convinced that I need to concentrate on patriotic pieces since they seem to sell quickly.

I really like how this drawing turned out.  The aged parchment is a great foundation for working in mixed media.  It is still old paper but it takes quite a bit of marking unlike the vintage dictionary pages.  It still looks old, worn and pretty interesting.  I've found some off white, aged frames that work nicely with the colors in the drawings.  By this weekend I should be busy framing.

I also had an interesting conversation with a young woman from San Fransisco this week via Etsy.  She informed me that one of my pieces "Tea" had been published on the site Tumblr but that it didn't credit me as the artist.  She kindly gave me credit as the artist and linked the post to my Etsy shop and blog.  I'd noticed that the Tea posting had a great deal of interest on my blog but I couldn't figure out the traffic source.  When I finally tracked it down on Tumblr I discovered that 850 different people had reposted my drawing.....WOW!  I'm glad I have started including my circle watermark or nobody might have ever known it was mine.


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