Coffee To Go
6" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

The studio is humming away with stacks of paper just waiting for a drawing.  I have more ideas than time to get them done.  I've wanted to create a go cup of coffee for some time and it was great fun to finally tackle this drawing.  I love a good cup of coffee and I'm a sucker for fancy coffee shops like Starbucks or our inviting, local, coffee shop Urban Bru.

Over a month ago, I grabbed a handful of flavored, coffee creamers from a convenience store along with a few extra lids with this piece in mind.  They have been sitting on my drawing table forever waiting to pose for this piece.

Thanks to finally feeling stronger and being able to work for longer stretches, I got to invent my coffee to go drawing complete with coffee rings on the paper.  It's frame is waiting and then it gets to travel all the way to Colorado.


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