As my studio has expanded and my list of shows is growing, I am adding some exciting, new equipment.  My daughters gave me some gift certificates for mother's day and I finally got to use them for some of these purchases....lucky me!  

First I purchased a space-age, paper cutter that does all sorts of tricks.  I package and trim my own prints so this fantastic gizmo will help me do a better job.  It even has it's own light and will cut thicker watercolor papers.  AWESOME!

This new light table was actually a gift from my husband.  I have been using a sheet of glass on my lap with an old lamp on the floor between my knees to trace outlines for hand lettering my drawings.  This fabulous light table is pretty advanced after that process.  I still hand letter my dictionary drawings in watercolor but this sure improves my accuracy.

I am preparing for another big art show in Colorado in a few weeks and I am so happy to have found this trunk to display my prints.  My print inventory has gotten pretty big and customers seem to enjoy riffling through them looking for a subject they enjoy.  This gorgeous, wooden trunk is big enough to accommodate my prints and permit customers space to investigate.  My cat, Wesley seems to approve, too.


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