6" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

I am still struggling with little energy and flu-like symptoms but I'm pushing to finish some commission pieces and build up inventory for my show in Colorado next month.  This piece was requested recently and I loved creating it.

My mother was a skilled seamstress and I grew up surrounded by family quilts on our farm.  I have a few of these treasures and I have made a couple myself.  I especially love quilts that were made using discarded, family clothing.  I have a quilt top that was created from my grandfather's work shirts and another built from my father's overalls.  I also have a few closets full of worn out quilts I used to use for crafts.

I'm off to email this image to the customer in hopes that she approves.  Then I am back in the studio working away on more dictionary drawings.  If you like this and any other pieces please visit my Etsy shop for quality prints.


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