My summer vacation is coming to a close and it hasn't exactly been what I had hoped for.  I've spent five weeks really sick and even after CT Scans and MRI's my doctor isn't completely sure what's going on.  I am feeling better and getting stronger so hopefully I can enjoy an upcoming trip to California that's been in the planning for months.  I also have another, BIG, art festival in Colorado the weekend before we return to school.  Then school.....if I had been this sick while school was in session it would have been terrible.  I rarely miss a day of class and can't imagine leaving a substitute in my room this long.

My husband and family have been so kind and patient and I've greatly appreciated the prayers and concern from neighbors, friends and followers.  I hate that I've lost so many days stuck in bed.  I have struggled to drag myself into my studio and had to redo a few pieces that I started while not well.  I have lots I'd still like to accomplish but many of my summer projects will just have to wait until I have more strength and another stretch of time off work.

Thank you, everyone, for your support and kindness.


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