6" x 8" Poppy Themed, Vinyl Stamp Set

Let's celebrate!!!  My poppy stamp designs for Annabelle Stamps were officially unveiled today and I can finally share them.

A few months ago I was contacted by Annabelle's owner, Andrea.  She had discovered my work and was curious if I might be interested in designing a few stamps for her company all the way in Australia.  I was THRILLED!

Since then I have drawn out a number of things for Andrea but this is the first to actually make it all the way through production to merchandise.  I create fine-line, ink drawings and then Andrea painstakingly modifies them to suit her requirements and adds creative text.

I am sooooo pleased.  This has been a wonderful opportunity and Andrea has been a generous and encouraging guide into the world of making commercial stamps.

Visit her lovely shop


Art on my Hands said…
Congrats! The stamp looks terrific. I love the look of the poppies. I am an avid follower of your blog. I love your work.

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