"Folk Dancers"
12" x 18" Pastel Painting on Canson MiTeines Paper

One of the joys of summer is having free time in my studio to do whatever I want.  I am preparing for another big art show in Colorado in early August and I am waiting to hear if I get into a show in New Mexico over Thanksgiving.  Since there is quite a bit of time, I am treating myself to some little projects just for the fun of it.

I love working in pastels.  I like the spontaneity, the rich colors and the way they blend so beautifully.  A few years ago I did a few shows of nothing but still life pastels.  It was great fun and I miss working with them.

This little painting was created from a photo I took of a couple of my high school students who participate in a dancing troupe at our school.  This group is called Alma Folklorica and features beautiful costumes and traditional Mexican/Spanish dances.  They travel all over the country performing.  I really loved seeing them dressed all in white as they slowly swayed and performed a number where they flirted with each other.

I may add a few more touches and put these two in a frame.


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