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Monday, January 31, 2011


"I'd Love a Cup"
24" x 18"
Pastel on Black Canson MiTeintes Paper

Here's a brand new, large pastel made especially for the opening of the new coffee house.  I'm also claiming this as this year's valentine artwork for my family.  I hope to hang my work sometime later this week in time for the coffee house opening on Saturday.

Since this was a quick piece, I decided to make it all about the color.  I discovered a quote a few days ago that read "Value tells the story but color gets the credit."  I wrote it out and posted it in my classroom.  My students are all learning color theory and starting to work in colored pencils or pastels.  It's a real challenge for them to suddenly work in colored media so I am constantly talking about the importance of color value.  I thought this piece would help me explain using the color wheel, developing color values and being bold with color choices.

I think I may need to do some more pieces in this simple style.  I used to do a lot of work with strong, black outlines on black paper and I forgot how much fun they are to do.  I've also been itching to use some metallic pastels I found in an art shop in Santa Fe which I finally put to use to make the portal around the coffee cups.

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Santiago Appleseed said...

Everything you do is amazing! I love these soft but vibrant colors and the composition, what a wonderful valentine you've shared :)
Now, i've got to go make some coffee. haha.