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I am blessed to live where my grandfather homesteaded, to have three beautiful daughters who are my best friends, to have six delightful grandchildren who live nearby, to be married to my sweetheart of 35 years and to thrill to the special magic of creating my own works of art. I'll never cease to thrill to witnessing new ideas and images come to life from the point of a pencil or splash of a brush. I am blessed.

Friday, September 30, 2011


Here's an update on my progress with this class demonstration piece built from my grandmother's quilt using my hands.  I've finished working the piece to demonstrate value and texture techniques but I'm interesting in finishing the entire thing sometime soon - just because.

I love graphite pencil on white paper - sometimes it just "hits the spot."  Thanks to a mention in Southwest Art Magazine, I recently discovered a fabulous Southwest artist named Mary Ross Buchholz who creates beautiful horse and rider drawings using graphite.  Visit her blog at  Her work is extraordinary.

Since my students only have a short time left with graphite this piece may have to wait until next summer for completion.  I am on to building demonstrations using ink which will involve my annual bookplate.

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