It's time to start building this year's bookplate.  Each November I begin an original, stippled, ink drawing which I then use as the focal point of handmade bookplates for friends and coworkers.  These detailed drawings take lots of time and are usually finished just ahead of Christmas. 

After a fabulous trip to the West Coast, I am using seashells as my theme along with a few vintage compasses. 

I like to create an ink drawing that has some significance for the passing year.  This trip was amazing and we enjoyed so many terrific experiences with friends and family up and down the coast of California.  I have also been researching the what's. how's and where's of different shells I have collected over the years.  As a life-long Oklahoman I am pretty ignorant of any kind of sea life that can't be deep-fat fried. But I have always loved gathering shells and occassionally will use them for classroom assignments.


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