Mixed Media Collage on 6" x 6" Canvas

Sometimes I just need something different especially after weeks of working on a series of artwork.  I really do enjoy creating the dictionary drawings but I needed a break and some time to play.  I've learned that playtime can often lead to something and get my creative juices going again.

I've had these little canvases for some time and I've started a couple of paintings on them only to gesso the images away and tuck the canvas back on the shelf.  Long ago I started collecting different papers and I've been hoarding a little tablet of handmade papers with silk screened patterns. This weekend I decided to play with all of that and see what came of it.

This Saturday our local gallery is opening a miniature show of work under $100.  I think these little guys might fit right in.  Yesterday I took down my solo show but the gallery asked me to leave some of my dictionary drawing prints so I hope these will give me some inventory for the show. 

I used some dictionary pages on these collages, too.  I cut them out and then collaged them along the edge of the gallery wrap canvas.  I also love text so I added some distressed text along with gold enamel.


Anonymous said…
I totally love this work and the words ♥

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