I've been collecting some of my previous watercolor paintings to exhibit tomorrow for the arts and crafts show.  When I picked up this painting I did for my granddaughter, Lily, I realized I had never gotten a digital photo or posted it - so here it is.

I have been doing so many of the name only paintings that I forget how fun these cartoon paintings are.

Here is a close-up of Lily's painting

I start setting up in just a couple of hours which is always a huge job.  I used to love doing art festivals when my girls were little but have only done one in recent years. 

Two of my daughters are working with me this weekend.  My eldest, Kiley is selling her handmade bows and Lindsay, my middle daughter, is helping us out.  I hope we do well!


Julia Kelly said…
I bet you will do great- these are wonderful- have you delved into the gift market- this looks like it could find a home on greeting cards or wall hangings!

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