"Walk A Mile"
8" x 10" Colored Pencil on Canson Mi-Teines Paper

I am very fortunate to own a number of authentic, antique, Native American artifacts.  My grandmother, Gussie Powell collected all sorts of beautifully beaded items and blankets and my family has given me many of them since my home is decorated in a rustic/western theme.  These moccasins are in that precious collection.

This piece grew out of a need to accommodate a brown/cream, wooden frame for the upcoming Miniature Art Show at the local, Wild Horse Gallery.  It also gave me the challenge of replicating bead work and worn hide.  I selected the rust, yellow ochre color scheme to suit the brown Canson paper.  Colors always read differently depending on the color of the paper support.  This same color scheme would have a completely different look if created on white or black paper.

Now I am back to the watercolors to complete some new commissions that have come in since last week's craft fair.  I am also working away on this year's, holiday bookplate.  So stay tuned.  Visit me often and a thank you to everyone who stops by The Flying Shoe.


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