We are pleased to introduce you to our newest family member, Quinn Avery Skelton.  She was born two weeks early (which is becoming a trend in our clan) on Valentine's Day.  My daughter and son-in-law just sold their home and have temporarily moved out to his family ranch.  They had barely started to unpack when Quinn decided it was her birthday.

Quinn weighed 8 pounds and 8 ounces and is a squishy little bundle of joy.  We were blessed to have her month old cousin and both of her aunts from OKC arrive in time to meet her on her birthday.

My husband and I are two pooped grandparents.  We took charge of Quinn's older brother Tate and sister Lily while mommy and daddy were in the hospital with her.  Tate and Lily were thrilled when they finally got to meet their new sister.  We had lots of friends and family coming and going all weekend especially since our other newborn, Berkley was staying with us, too.

My studio is full of new work and lots of exciting things are happening for The Shoe but everything ground to a stop when Quinn got here.  After a nap or two I've got lots to accomplish.


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