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I am blessed to live where my grandfather homesteaded, to have three beautiful daughters who are my best friends, to have six delightful grandchildren who live nearby, to be married to my sweetheart of 35 years and to thrill to the special magic of creating my own works of art. I'll never cease to thrill to witnessing new ideas and images come to life from the point of a pencil or splash of a brush. I am blessed.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


5" x 5" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

I have always been intrigued by crows.  They are such ordinary birds but I find that they have a great deal of personality.  They are abundant in our part of the world and sometimes are a real nuisance.  Years ago one of our former school counselors had a stuffed crow (taxidermy version of the real thing) that sat on a shelf above her desk.  I've wanted one ever since- strange, but I do.

The original "Crow" drawing is currently available and is framed for $75.00 and can be purchased unframed for $50.00.  Prints are available for $10.00 - all, of course, plus shipping costs.  The original drawing is actually 6" x 8" on the full dictionary page.

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