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Sunday, October 28, 2012


6" x 8.5" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

The art show opening has come and gone and I have a number of pieces yet to blog about.  This was one of the first to sell on the day of the show.  It was purchased by a fellow teacher.

Me at the entrance to the show. 
I love that you can see my mother
and father-in-law admiring work behind me. 
My father-in-law was a model in one of the pieces.

I feel like the show went well.  I had a great turn out of friends and family, the gallery looked lovely and there were some nice sales.  It was exciting to see so many people take time to come to the gallery and appreciate what I have been doing.

I continue to be amazed that these simple, little drawings are so popular.  The combination of medium with the page out of a dictionary seems to have hit a nerve with viewers.

Regardless of the outcome, this was a milestone moment for me.  It was my very first, solo show in my hometown.  I can check that off the list of things I want to accomplish and move on to another challenge.

Thank you to everyone who helped and supported this special night.

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