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Tuesday, October 09, 2012


My days are filled with juggling my high school classroom and prep for my solo art show in a few weeks.  I am also helping my husband with our high school one-act play which goes to regional competition this weekend.  It's a busy month in our household.

Working with the one-act means I've gotta leave my classroom in the hands of a substitute.  I am fortunate to have a friend who is a terrific artist who manages my classroom when I am gone.  We are just finishing up a unit on the Element of Line and will start the Element of Value when I get back. 

Here is the assignment I'm leaving for my kids.

The popular site, Pinterest, has lots of great lesson plan ideas and I've noticed this activity being pinned quite a bit.  I thought I'd break it down and let my students play with it.  I'm calling them "Wormies."  I think they are a clever way to reinforce cross contour lines.

Anytime I invent a new activity it requires that I create step by step examples.  I teach a lot of non English speakers and students from different cultures who struggle with written directions.  Our rural school estimates that we have over 27 different languages in our system and even more dialects.  It's always a challenge these days to communicate.  I am fortunate to teach visual arts that most students can grasp regardless of language barriers.

Here's my finished example.

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Sonia said...

This struck me caught my eye and interest in art again. Reminds me of my early work will start to draw again because of this!!!Thank you